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Die Schneekönigin

The Snow Queen

 I am currently working on an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen. The original plan was to combine a dramatised reading of the text with nineteenth century songs and folk songs. I intended to collaborate with primary school children in devising the production, particularly in the areas of set and sound design.

 As a result of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, I shifted focus slightly to create a German-language adaptation of The Snow Queen as an audio drama with music, recorded in my bedroom with some additional remote contributions from the actors.


 Listen to episodes as part of the "Music in Tales" podcast via my podcast page, Spotify, Google, ApplePodBean and other podcast apps. Visit YouTube for versions with English subtitles.  You can download the script (English & German) on this page.

 I will add to this site as the project progresses, creating an area in which children of all ages can explore the world, characters and sounds of the story, so watch this space!


Scripts to download

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